Lodi recs?

Anyone have any recs for the Lodi area? I have to be there for 4 days this week/end and not sure if I’ll have time to venture up to Sac or into SF to eat.

Stockton looks like it might have some promising Cambodian and Vietnamese restaurants? And I have StreetZlan in Galt bookmarked. Anything else to look out for? Anything in Lodi proper?

Thanks a lot!

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I had a good time at Cellardoor.



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If you head a few miles east of Hwy 99, to Hwy 88, there are multiple farm stands with excellent fresh produce. Some also carry local cheeses, olive oils, baked goods, and preserves.

Sorry for no specific recommendations (have sent texts to family asking for where they’re stopping along that route).

Stockton used to have some Hmong restaurants and grocery stores, but I’ve no idea what’s there now.

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That’s great intel, thanks, I’ll check it out!

According to google maps comments, there is one Hmong supermarket left (thinking the others may now be Vietnamese-owned, despite retaining original names?): Thamkrabok market. I’m not sure they have any prepared foods there, but if the timing works I’ll swing by to check it out.

Other places I bookmarked based simply on investigating reviews and photos on Google maps: Trail Coffee, El Grullense, Lotus Thai and Khmer Cuisines, Thanh Thanh Sandwiches, Pho Binh Minh, Mittaheap, Huong Lan Sandwiches, and the generically-named Cambodian Restaurant. All in Stockton, haven’t found anything interesting in Lodi.

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Check out Ruby’s Bakery (https://www.yelp.com/biz/ruby-s-bakery-and-café-lodi). It’s run by former Tartine bakers (https://sanjoaquinmagazine.com/2021/03/at-lodis-rubys-bakery-and-cafe/ – the “famous bakery” mentioned in this article).

Everything we’ve got from them has been great, esp. recommend the crossiants + bread (Fausto Echeverria was the viennoiserie director of Tartine).

There is a great strawberry place in Stockton on 8 Mile Rd. It’s called “Strawberries Picked Fresh Daily” and you can find it on Yelp easily. I would link it, but this board has a ridiculous limitation for new users of only 2 links per post (which makes me not want to bother contributing, admins). It is unlike any other strawberry I’ve ever had. They are super sweet and ripe. You will want to eat them within the next few days. Believe they close when they sell out so go earlier in the day.


here’s the link: https://www.yelp.com/biz/strawberries-picked-fresh-daily-stockton

way to go, linking limitations! See how effective that was?

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re: Stockton Restaurants – can’t speak to many of the ones you listed, I generally recollect that El Grullense is good. I think of stockton more for Mexican food than vietnamese, etc, but that may be because our relatives that live there are of Mexican heritage.

I have found that reddit is often pretty good for local restaurant recs. I checked around some of the comments in this vein from /r/stockton and they lined up with my experiences. You might sift through some of the following threads: site:https://www.reddit.com/r/Stockton/ restaurants - Google Search

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Those are some great tips, thanks! The bakery looks like a gem.

Bonus: just had a 4.8 magnitude earthquake originating 10 miles south of Stockton!

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Found this wood-fired pizza place, looks like it could be interesting: Menu — Guantonio's

" We are a seasonally inspired restaurant working directly with local farmers, choosing what produce is at its peak, as well as what is available weekly."

Uploading: 20210708_195123.jpg…

OK, this place is legit. Their pizza consultant was a former Roberta’s guy, they have a really nice selection of low intervention/natural wines, and all of the produce they use comes from small farms within ~30 miles.

You can see their current menu here: Guantonios on Instagram: "This week’s menu…starting to feel a little more like summer 🥵 🌡 🍅 🍉 🌶 🍑"

I had the Goldy, along with the stone fruit caesar and the okra.

Edit: it won’t seem to let me upload photos.

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That looks like a spotty connection interrupted the upload.

Very well could be, I was on spotty hotel wifi. I just tried again on a cellular connection and got the same error message though. Seems to upload to 100%, then throws the error.

I think it’s something specific to your phone or connection, I had no problem.