LOHAS Fresh Mart (aka the Chinese Whole Foods) opens in Alhambra

Now those Taiwanese ex-pats can get organic, gluten-free, non-GMO cuttlefish.

Ok, not really. Ok, maybe a little really.

LOHAS Fresh Mart
On Main St. in Alhambra, same complex as 85C Bakery.

Thanks @ipsedixit. So what does that website say? LOL. Is it seriously all 100% organic?

Nah, they sell bottled water …

Next up, 6 artisan locally sourced organic pan fried dumplings with organic non GMO dipping sauce - $14.50

Did they really name the market LOHAS after the acronym (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)?

Nah, they were trying to cash in on Lindsay Lohan’s notoriety, but in true Engrish fashion, they misspelled it.

(In all seriousness, the Chinese translate to “Happy Life and Fresh Market”…)

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They also have pharmacy. How can that be all organic?:slightly_smiling:

g’job Alhambra city council for putting Sprouts and Lohas down the block from each other…

pictures up


Man, those photos aren’t doing it any favors.

Repackaged/relabeled chicken? bugs in bags?..EGADS!

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the “alleged” chicken label thing is atrocious if true.

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Sustainability throwdown - they has it.