Long Beach Convention Center Sunday Night: 8 PM show - any early dinner suggestions?

The couple we are going with are not the most adventurous diners…any ideas? Was thinking James Enoteca on the way down from Westside, but something closer with a “one-parking” for dinner and show might be a good option.


We had a nice meal at Michaels. Great pizza and nice Octopus salad. Didn’t have any of the pastas.

Right by there are good options for drinks
Portuguese Bend for hard stuff
Beechwood and Congregation Ale house for brews

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Pizza does look excellent - thanks!

If you’re walking up from the convention center to the downtown area try to avoid Pine St north of Ocean. There are drunk people, some homeless and a strong stench of urine. Take the promenade through the new housing complex.

True, but you’ll also be missing some pretty decent and mostly reasonable restaurants right on that stretch of Pine, such as King’s Fish House, Cafe Sevilla (my favorite of those), The Federal, Pier 76 Fish Grill, etc. But yeah, it’s pretty reeky and has lots of drunken conventioneers, much like 5th St in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. The key difference is that most of the restaurants in the Gaslamp are poor to mediocre.