Long Beach?

What am I looking at in the last pic?

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Pickled eggs.

But with cascabella peppers instead of the usual beet juice. You can buy a jar of them to take home. It is pretty unique. You won’t find this in other parts of the country or overseas. We love cascabella peppers So Cal!


Having dinner at Selva in LB later this month and eager to try their modern Columbian food. Anyone have menu recommendations? Thank you!:pray:

@Ernie_SGV - How was Selva in LB?

I’m trolling the LB posts looking for somewhere to go after picking up folks from LGB. Selva, Aji Peruvian, and maybe Michael’s DT are close enough and open late enough for my trip to the airport.

Maybe Michael’s DT is the favorite since Long Beach Creamery is near by. :thinking:

PS/Edit: I’ll add Little Coyote to the list. LOL

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La parolaccia is great awesome Italian food

Ammatoli Lebanese with fresh oven baked pitas and other breads

Marlena’s is run by gjelina alumni. Never been but on my radar

Marlena Long Beach
(562) 203-1500


No one mentioned Michelin-starred Heritage I don’t think?

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Thanks for the great suggestions. Unfortunately I’ll have to save these for next time.

After getting through traffic and picking up my passengers, we ended up at Nexx Burger in Downey. Nice deal on a double cheese burger for $3.75 for the burger by itself. Quick, cheap, and something new for our friends.


@Mpken Haven’t gone to Selva yet, but hoping for later this month!

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