Long weekend in SF

I hit up all my local places…Tadich, Lefty’s, Buena Vista, Tiki Room…
Heard great things about Wayfare Tavern and Bar Crudo…
Love seafood, Italian ,Veg and Mex…
Love any other places for this So. Cal Chica…

Dive bars are a must!!

For Italian, La Ciccia or Perbacco (closed Sundays).

The dive bars have all been converted into hipster “dive bars.”

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For good parking ( If you have a auto ) and a stiff drink . I like to park in the parking garage on Vallejo St next to the police station . You are a block from North Beach . Walk straight down Vallejo half a block and make a left on Stockton St . You will see a small bar named Vieni - Vieni . Nothing hipster about it . I always have drinks in this bar before hitting up North Beach . Also if you make a right on Stockton St you’re in Chinatown for some fun shopping .

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'The dive bars have all been converted into hipster “dive bars.” ’
That’s sacrilegious. .

Vieni’s sound fab…thanks Emglow!

Do you remember Adolph’s in North Beach?
That used to be my fave’s way back in the day and they had one of the best Caesar salads.

Zuni’s Caesar salad is famous.

I think Adolph’s came and went without my hearing of it. Capo’s is there now. If you’re in the area, Fior d’Italia is fun on Sunday afternoons (2:30-5:30?) when Mal Sharpe and Big Money in Jazz are playing.

I avoid North Beach on weekend nights, too many herds of 20ish suburbanites. Oakland is today’s equivalent of what North Beach was in Adolph’s era.

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Really liked The Progress the last time I was up there.

I usually also make Cotogna a stop.

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Cotogna is great. Best Cal-Italian in SF proper. They do great things with vegetables, pastas are as good as they get, first-rate pizza in the local hybrid NY-Neapolitan style.

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I used to go to Cotogna for their porchetta (weekends) which I heard they stopped doing. Do you you know if this is true?

Sunday nights Cotogna does a prix-fixe. I don’t know about porchetta.

Go to Stone’s Throw.

Order up the burger, comes with magnificent tater tots, and then finish off your meal with SF-hipster malasadas.

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What’s a ‘hipster’ malasada?

Craving a lilikoi malsada from Leonard’s right this very minute!!

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An $8 jelly donut




Is the Silver Spur on Irving Street still around? That was/is a great dive bar…

The silver spur looks perfect…

Yup, the porchetta appears maybe 2-3 times a year on their Sunday supper menus now, virtually impossible to get as a tourist. I subscribe to their email list to keep track. It’s technically still available, but almost never.

idk if you’re trying to keep things fairly cheap, but I would strongly recommend going for a dinner at Californios. Most exciting rising star in the Bay Area imo.

Toronado obviously has an uber selection of craft beer, but it still feels dive-y as fuck.

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‘but it still feels dive-y as fuck’…LOVE that!