Longbranch - Berkeley

We finally made it to one - a set 3 course dinner. 2 courses for $18, 3 for $24. A number of decent cocktails and a red/white wine and beer selection for $5 (happy hour prices all evening).

Last night was a delicious tomato soup, followed by a pork shoulder. We then decided to just have 1 dessert, which was a great lemon tart.

They open at 4 on Sunday, menu served all evening. Regular menu available.

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Time to play…Where the hell is this place located?

San Pablo Ave., just below Dwight, Berkeley.

The old Sea Salt space. That whole building was the Long Branch Saloon in the 60s and 70s, lots of local bands used to play there and Jonathan Richman recorded part of a live album there.


Oakland Magazine is liking the spot.

Went because we were on that side of town and they were open after 9:00 on a Tuesday (in fact the kitchen is open until 11 Tues.-Thurs., 12 Fri.-Sat., bar even later). Sour beer flight was fun and a fair amount of beer for $8.


Fried cheese curds ($6) were really good, especially with the chile jam.

How would I resist ordering a salad with warm porchetta ($14)? Good light dish for hot weather.

Smoked pork ribs ($15) were really smoky, I’d get those again.

Cheeseburger with fries ($16) was very good and the fries were nice and crisp, slightly dry but I’ll take that over limp. House-made catsup had a lot of clove, good stuff.

German chocolate cake ($8), less cake and more topping / filling than the traditional version.

Overall, good cooking across the board and a good value.


Some really nice choices on the wine list.

The current seasonal salad had roasted brussels sprouts, beets, frisee, rocket, pecans? I forget what all. Really good.

The broccolini tasted like they’d been cooked in a very hot wok, great char and barely cooked. Great dish.

NY-style blackout cake, which I hadn’t had in years. As good as chocolate cake gets.

As before the burgers were very good, still room for improvement on the fries.

It’s great to have a place with such good food open late (11 pm Tues.-Thurs., midnight Fri.-Sat.).

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