Looking for a chinese restaurant in the sgv for a saturday lunch

we’ll be a party of 6-8. if 8, will book somewhere for dim sum. but if 6, where can we make a reservation or otherwise get in for lunch without too much trouble at noon’ish on a saturday that is also very good?

If your wallet is flush, Array 36 is your huckleberry.

Dim sum: Bistro 1968

Yang’s Kitchen is another board favorite.

Low key but nonetheless tasty: Min Min Pie House, Northern Cafe Monterey Park, Tam’s Noodle House…

Saturday lunch in the SGV is like shooting fish in a barrel. Too many to choose from!


My favorite restaurants in the SGV – all of which are open for lunch are (in no particular order):
Bistro Na’s
Eat Joy Food
Jiang Nan Spring
Array 36


just to clarify: i’m looking for not for places that are open for lunch but places we will be able to get into easily/quickly without reservations if it comes to that.

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you won’t be able to get into yang’s easily saturday at noon.



Oh, and Fosselman’s for ice cream while you are in Alhambra. Bulgarini for gelato if you find yourself in Altadena.


For a party of 6-8 at noon on Saturday and for a place that also tastes good, I don’t know if that (can get into easily w/o reservations) exists…


as the original post requests, recommendations for places that take reservations for groups of <8 also much appreciated. the only things not terribly helpful are lists of places that are open for lunch or lists of places that do not take reservations and are difficult to get into.

Yang’s takes reservations only at dinner.

Sichuan Impression reportedly takes reservations through Yelp, but it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe phone them.


Newport Seafood and Lady Yan’s might as well.

I think this location of Chef Tony is great for small groups - it’s an attractively appointed room w/in a hotel, tons of parking, solid food and über close to the 10 exit @ Atlantic Blvd.

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Agree with ease of parking. But the dim sum isn’t that great…



based on that thread, probably a little more expensive than we’re looking for on this occasion but it does look very enticing.

henry’s cuisine


oh, that looks perfect. website doesn’t say anything about reservations but i’ll give them a call and check.

Ahgoo’s Kitchen may fit the bill too…

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well, the plan has changed to friday evening, which means yang’s kitchen could now be in play. however, i’ve decided to stick with henry’s cuisine whose menu looks much better for this group. called and made a reservation and we’re set.

might try to hit up at least one of the other recommended places just on our own if we can squeeze in the time for a second trek to the sgv from seal beach.