Looking for a great French Onion Soup

I’ve only had a few here in Vegas, and have been mostly disappointed. DB Brasserie’s version was mediocre, and Mon Ami Gabi’s was so bad I sent it back. If it helps, what I’m looking for is that deep, beefy, caramelized onion flavor, preferably without a ton of salt. I don’t care that much about a thick layer of browned cheese (as anyone can do that), although it seems to come with the territory. Cafe Ile St. Louis at Paris serves a decent one, but I’d like better. Suggestions please?

Have you tried Bardot Brasserie? I had the French onion and thought it was lovely. Lots of onion flavor, clean beefy broth and the cheese crouton carmelized. I also ordered the French onion soup another time and got the black truffle, beef short rib, and poached egg add on and thought it detracted from the base of the French onion soup. My favorite is the no longer Brasserie Puck in the crystals. They made an amazing French onion and the banana beignets were mildly blowing lay good.

Bardot Brasserie French onion soup with black truffle, short rib, and egg

Finally made it to Bardot to try that French Onion Soup, almost a year later. Outstanding – one of the best I ever had. Not too salty, as they often are. Great beefy flavor and deeply caramelized onion. Right up there with Brasserie Jo in Boston, if not better. I had the regular one, BTW – saw no need for all that extra stuff. Thanks for the tip!


Glad you liked it. I also think Bardot Brasserie may have some of the best fries in town. I always order them or order something that comes with fries.