Looking for Orange County recommendations

Going to spend a few days in Laguna Beach.
Looking for dinner recommendations, preferably along the coast or not too far inland.
Thinking more along the lines of Broken Spanish/Republique/Rustic Canyon type rather than Mastro/Spago.
Looking forward to your suggestions, Thank you

Broadway by Amar Santana
Ocean on Main

Ocean on Main: Chef Craig Strong is fantastic.

Breakfast at break of dawn

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Sun coming up in the morning. The smell of of the ocean with a gorgeous view. Absolutely.

@hppzz ‘s suggestion meant breakfast at Break of Dawn…it’s a pretty popular place. The literal sense is great, too…but it’s so hard to rise early while on vacation.

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Not true . The best time is when no one is around at daybreak. Thanks for explaining though. That’s why enjoy jet lag . I will walk around in Italy very early in the morning and watch the town come to life .

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We are ok with rising early, especially on vacation, if I wanted to sleep I would just stay home!

Yep, watching a European city come to life early in the morning is a very special experience that I embrace as well.

Thank you, Ocean on Main resy is done!

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Marche Moderne in Newport Coast
Hana Re (20 min)
Taco Maria (21 min)

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LSXO in Huntington Beach has amazing food and an ocean view.

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Somewhat hijacking, but has anybody found a new go-to morning bakery down there since Jean-Paul’s Goodies closed?

I second Marche Modern and LSXO.


Welcome to FTC, @TheoMos!

Does anybody know what this is? I can’t find any information online or on Yelp. It’s across the street from Green Cheek brewery in Orange. I wouldn’t mind eating some fresh rice noodles while drinking hazy IPAs.

Has anybody been to Old Ferry Donuts on Beach Blvd? It’s a Korean brand that recently opened out here. Pics on IG look good.

A location is opening in Koreatown too, next to MUN. Haven’t had them before, but curious.


Anybody have a good spot for flan in North OC? Preferably Santa Ana or north of there.

Old Ferry donuts are good. Some interesting flavors. Got the peanut butter and Boston crème. Very nice fluffy dough. Enjoyed the peanut butter which had a filling and nice toasty peanut on top. The Boston crème was a bit on the sweet side and messy to eat.

I would come back and try more flavors.