Looking for particular beer


has anyone seen steigl radler beer for sale retail here
in los angeles (hard ‘g’, a la bob mitchum)?

one website shows k and l in hollywood. anywhere else?

thank you.



What’s w/ your attitude? Just start your own board, if you don’t like questions being asked here. Is there any way to downvote rude (first-time) posters so that they go away?

If you’re ever having trouble finding a beer that’s distributed within California, try Valley Beverage in Sherman Oaks. Their selection is amazing. (They’re also very knowledgeable when it comes to pointing you to interesting things you haven’t heard of)

Well, then, IMO, simply ask, “Did you try Googling it first???” I think your message (implicit and explicit) will be entirely clear. :wink:

um, that’s the first thing i did, vantz. i told you the results.
tell us all some more about how you’re raising the quality of the board.

thank you to the rest of you who weren’t raised by wolves.

Man Radler is so great, especially as temps hit 80-something this week. Have friends who call it German Gatorade (which may or may not be a widely used name…)

Sunset Beer Co in Echo Park almost always has it, though it is popular and will occasionally sell out. Can always call ahead.

BevMo almost always has it.

clearly i didn’t research carefully enough.

again, thanks to everyone.

OP, is there something wrong with K&L? Just do that if they carry it.

Also, if I may be so bold, I’d like to encourage you to also check out our local offerings.

I’m a big proponent of local beer and beer-related palate expansion, but there isn’t a local Radler, unfortunately, and there isn’t a ton really like it. Unless you pour some grapefruit soda into Highland Park’s Refresh lager or something…

Eagle Rock has made some one-off Radlers at session fest, which were awesome, but otherwise there just isn’t much locally that scratches the same itch.

nothing wrong with k and l at all. buy stuff from there all the time. just looking
for other options in case they’re more convenient.
i drink the local stuff. just had one of these the other day and wanted another.


Just picked up a 4-pak at Bristol Farms cuz you made me curious and the 80 degree weekend is here. I think I’ve also seen it at Whole Foods as well as Beverage Warehouse. Will have to confirm the next time I go.

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Alpine Village Market (also good for their German blood sausage)

i ended up going to k&l after all. i didnt know this beer was so readily available.
its nice to learn stuff.

btw, i think k & l is an underrated and underappreciated destination.
between the selection and the employees and the prices, its just a great place to buy alcohol.


K&L is amazing (it’s on my regular rotation). I’ve had nothing but a great experience every time I shop there.

My only minor gripe is that I wish they had a broader cider selection—especially non-yeasted US or Canadian ciders.

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If you like this radler (with grapefruit) you should try a classical one which is lager with “not overly sweet” lemonade (much better)

Thanks for the reminder. I need to pickup some orders here ASAP… Should be perfect time today cuz… Americans and dumbass sports.