Looking for some wine recs to serve with charcuterie

Salami. Head cheese , Coppa , Mortadella , Prosciutto … I will be bringing the wine . I have on hand a bottle of Navarro Rose to start with. Any other style or varietal would help . $ 30 - $40 . ? I’m in the dark . Thanks

I tend to go w/ wine from the region of the charcuterie that I’m having (Italian wine w/ salami, procuitto. Spanish wine w/ jamon, chorizo–etc). If your mixing things up w/ a variety of meats from all over the place, then a red wine that can cut through the fat a bit.

Thanks , I’ll be shopping at Corti Brothers in Sacramento for the goods . A Italian grocery with a great variety of meats and wine . Any Italian red or white you would suggest ?

Lucky you. I’ve been wanting to go there for years (since I read a profile on them in Saveur in the 90’s), but I rarely get to Sacramento. I think you should put your selection in their hands—let them pick out something that they think will go best w/ the items your buying that’s in your price range. They’ll have the best knowledge of the wines that they have in stock–plus these guys have been doing this for years, they’re the experts.

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Your right . More than once I have asked them for wine recs when visiting . Always great .

And now you can do it again! You won’t go wrong . . .

If you’re going to Corti Bros., ask Darell Corti! He’s been there almost every time I’ve been to the store.

My absolute favorite is sparkling Bonarda. Hard to find but Corti Bros. might have some. Failing that, top-quality dry Lambrusco.

Morgon or other good Beaujolais, Chinon, good Valpolicella

Thanks to all of you here for your great recs . Merry Christmas .

See Darrell Corti will always know more than you about Food and Wine ;^)