Los Algodones

Just one block into Mexico in Los Algodones, the inexpensive dental capitol of California where Mexico, Arizona, and California meet. You enter Los Algodones from the USA on Calle 2 (2nd Street) turn right at the first corner 5 de Mayo (Fifth of May) and walk 2 blocks to Cuarta (4th Street) and you are at Taqueria El Pablano. Delicious Al Pastor tacos on handmade tortillas. Unequaled. My icon is their their al pastor barbecue spit. $1 each. The bigger expense is the $6 for the Quechan Tribe parking lot just across the boarder in the US. I have been going to El Poblano for 5 years since before they had an inch of stainless steel and cooked on barbecue barrels.