Los Angeles Bread

I recently had some La Brea bread, the artisan ones from the shop/cafe on La Brea. I had heard many good things for years about how good they are. I was truly disappointed. I compare all bread to Acme on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley.
I didn’t even think much of Poilane bread right out of the oven early in the morning in Paris. And that was before I knew that old man Poilane was one of the first shopkeepers in Paris to put a “No Jews” sign in his window when the Nazis invaded.

And I am absolutely convinced that Los Angeles corn rye with caraway is the best around. Mimi Sheraton agrees. The corn rye in NYC is like a wonder bread version.

So my question is: Is there a bread baker in LA that makes anything anywhere near as good as Acme’s Pain au Levain?

Gjusta - pumpernickel, baguette, seeded, olive (basically any of their breads)

Republique - didn’t love their baguette, but their multigrain was great

You were so close to Republique too.


My bet is on Nicole Rucker’s new (and unnamed) shop on La Brea.

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I like Republique’s baguette better. But I like Gjusta’s almost as much.

I don’t think there will ever be a good sourdough in Los Angeles. It’s a general lack of restraint, in my opinion.

Bub and Grandma’s

and I second Gjusta.

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When I lived in the Bay Area I was fortunate to work right near semifreddis in emeryville, who made a great sourdough and the BEST biscotti. It was usually a toss up between that and labrea in the grocery stores. And certainly, la brea was almost always more readily available.

It was a stretch finding sourdough in LA. You werent guaranteed to find it all over. Special trips were occasionally required.

Vancouver grocery store bread is severely lacking. I think some of the space has been given over to a greater variety of naan’s and other flAtbreads. To be expected given the demographics.

A good sourdough baguette requires a a stop at a bakery. Truly we do not miss what we have until it’s gone.


Wow, you don’t like Gjusta’s sourdough??

It’s good, but not as good as SF. I used to buy bread at Arizmendi in Oakland for my weekly loaf.

San Francisco has good bread all over the place. You don’t have to do a special destination trip to get bread.

It’s true, in general, LA bread sucks for some reason.

Perhaps it will change in the future.

I still like Gjusta’s sourdough a lot though I guess.

Have you tried Pagnol’s sourdough? Best in LA in my opinion.

Do you have more info about this??? I assume it’s not open yet…

What do you mean?

That sounds like amazing bread. But once again, a destination bread (Silver Lake or Eagle Rock on Saturday). And the web site says the bakery is in Carmel?

Yup, mail order.

That’s all I gotz. Not open yet.

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Have you ordered it via mail?

Only bought at Milkfarm in Eagle Rock. Available on Saturdays only. Good shit.

Try the sourdough loaves at Clark Street at Grand Central Market.


What varieties do they carry at Milkfarm?

They have a Raclette night coming up!!!

It varies, but other than sourdough, I’ve seen walnut/raisin, olive/rosemary, and a couple of others.

Call ahead.