Los Angeles Recommendations

Hi Foodies! I wanted to ask for some recommendations. One of my favorite restaurants was Animal but it’s now closed. I also enjoy bestia, bavel, mother wolf, etc. looking for a spot to eat with friends… it would be fun to go to a place that’s a little more exclusive or harder to get in. Any thoughts?? I’ve seen a few new spots like drakes or some Italian restaurants that seemed interesting.

Totoraku I’d love to try but heard it’s hard to get in. Any recommendations? Also have been trying to get into Hayato for 2 people.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Funke would fit the bill.

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la dolce vita


Totoraku remains ichigen-san okotowari (you need to first be introduced to Oyama-san as a guest of a party there before you can start make rezzies there yourself).


Is Kaz’s new space open?

Yes, the space in Beverly Hills has been operating for almost a year now.

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Hi! What’s the name of it please? Worth going??

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Hi! any ideas how I can get it? Can anyone introduce me :blush:

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I’m happy to do so but they usually don’t like to take 2 seaters unless there is an open spot a day or two before.

Thanks so much! I sent you a message