Los Reyes Del Elotes, giant order

My little sister was visiting from a place far, far away, where good Mexican does not exist. So on her weekend home, she wanted some good Mexican food and beer. Beer just 'cause. So thanks to FTC, I found this place near a microbrewery in Santa Ana. My parents live in Irvine, where I would not attempt to get good Mexican.

We went to Cismontane because husband liked the look of the beers and my sister’s favorite place was closed. I was very impressed with the beers! We, husband and I, like Belgian style beers, and not the super hoppy California style. They have some fantastic choices here.

I had called in an order a few days ahead of time to Los Reyes Del Elotes because I was worried that when we went, at 430pm, a half an hour before closing, they would be out of some items. I called the phone number on Yelp and the owner? answered. I ordered way more food than we could eat, but with the intention of leftovers.

We got al pastor tacos, which my husband and Dad loved. I got chicarron tacos, which were my favorite. I got tripas, also, which were too livery for me. I think they were intestine, not tripe. The shrimp was good, but I’d go for chicarron over them.

We also got lengua, very good, enchiladas de mole with cheese, rice and beans. And the corn in the cup was good, but the corn on the cob was fantastic! I also ordered two dozen tortillas to go. Also flor de calabaza and huitlacoche. Way too much food.

Everything was very good. And owner? was very friendly when we picked up the food. He asked us if we were having a party and I said no, just my sister visiting from Baltimore. He said his son was born in Baltimore and they were going back in a few months. My sister wants to invite him to come cook at her place. :smiley:

He also mentioned they do one day a week in Irvine! What do you know, you can get good Mexican in Irvine.

I ordered us all burritos for next day, which everyone enjoyed, my sister on her flight home.

We had the handmade tortillas for a few days, one night with leftover rice and steamed sablefish and some salsa we made.

I would call ahead to make sure of his location before going.

You could pick up food at Los Reyes Del Elote and have it here!



This looks great. I tried going to the truck on Wednesday but they’re weren’t at their usual spot on Main and Walnut. Will catch them one day.

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I think he might have said Wednesday they are in Irvine, but I can’t be sure. Wish they had a website listing their locations.

Ditto. Burritos Las Palmas is not a bad consolation but I was actually trying to do a bang bang.

If you want some other options for beer Native Son and Good Beer are excellent options and closer.

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Good Beer is where my sister wanted to go! I will try!


This is one of my favorite Mexican places…

The corn fungus and squash blossom quesadilla

The chicken mole (Puebla style) enchilada

All so good.

Also just a short walk away is Mariscos Los Corales…I like their Tacos Gobernador, shrimp and cheese tacos with this incredibly hot salsa verde.

Also further drive down check out Mariscos El Yaqui, the tostada perrona and tostada huerfana are superb


Just saw on FB that Good Beer is closing so the owners can pursue a place closer to family. What a shame, loved their beer!

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Terrible. Hopefully they can find a place closer to home and continue brewing.

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Seems like they have family in the Julian area and want to open a true farmhouse brewery. Maybe they will be the next Hill Farmstead!

Julian is quite a haul. :grimacing:

I’m going to try them next time! Thanks!!!