Lost at Sea

Nobody? Come on yall. I know some of you have tried it. Talk to me

I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but…

Lost at Sea - Kevineats

have not. thanks

Th plating irritates me.

What the heck are they serving those oysters in? The bread is in a stainless steel gratin pan, the monkfish liver in a canning jar, and the scallops with truffle are presented in a mise en place bowl.

I can’t eat like that.

Thanks for the reminder… I went a few weeks after grand opening. Been meaning to write it up.

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Been four times. Love it. Total fan boy for Tim. If only it were closer to my home.

On the bright side, it’s only a 30-second walk from the Metro Gold Line Station to Lost at Sea…

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Friend’s family went, said it was quite mediocre. But they feel the same about Papilles, so YMMV.

Sounds like I’m going to love it! I mean if nothing look good, you know the steak frites will be dope lol

Just going to have to try it. Booked a group dinner.


Bummer, closing shop on Friday. I wonder what’s next for chef Tim. Maybe he’ll go back to Papilles?