Loteria grill on the 3rd st promenade

so, i had a blackboard eats coupon for this place and, in the past, had had good experiences there.

all i have to say now is: DON’T

nothing was terrible, but everything missed.

the server assuredly told us the ingredients of the cocktails, but she was incorrect.
the salad dressing was sugary, but thankfully it came on the side
the swordfish, was cut up into little cubes and then way overcooked. the little cubes of fresh pineapple were a good complement, but really who came up with this way to ruin what would have been perfectly acceptable swordfish?

even with the discount, even though everything was ok-ish, it was not worthy of a repeat visit.

I must have missed the good times. I went to this place a few years ago and was a bit confused about why it was ever mentioned on chowhound.

Not IMO. Went to the FM location 10+ yrs ago and found it completely unremarkable. Santa Monica one was completely decent, but not enough so that I’ve been tempted to return (even though I’m not far away at all).

soon it’s going to be gone-eria

You know that was probably part of the problem; I’m pretty sure I went to the FM location (didn’t know the locations really varied in quality) because back there there wasn’t much to eat at the FM.

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I thought the SM one as better, but it’s hard to compare one visit each over 10+ yrs! :wink: And, even then, the SM one still wasn’t AMAZING.

@Mr_JJ: I had to repeat your post like 3x b/f I got it! Tsk, tsk.

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Next is di-eria

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This place is opening up by the ice cream place and the vegan place on crenshaw and pico. Not far from Gus’s.

Loteria has had a lot of issues over the years BUT I have to say my kids are going to be happy if I surprise them with some beans and rice from Loteria and some tacos. As toddlers and little kids it was by far their favorite food whenever we’d visit FM. That stand declined in quality a lot over the years but they were really sad when they closed.


That is their catering kitchen. The Vegan Restaurant and Ice Cream place has been there for years…

HOWEVER, your post did have me head over to their Insta and they are using that location actively and are selling taco kits and @JudiAU… beans and rice! Delivery or pick up…



I started to say that it’s different than their catering. This sign is next door to the catering site. I tried to take a picture but folks at the liquor store were mad dogging me.