Lotus of Siam....Sublime

Love love love this place…

Been going for about 5 years and I jones for this place, months in advance.
I always go for lunch, always have the pad Thai tofu fried with extra peanut sauce and super spicy and a tom yum gai shrimp soup which always kicks serious ass.
I get an extra pad Thai for later when the partying of winner chicken dinner kick in and just want to head back to the suite and crash with some Thai food and chill…

DH gets the Green Curry Beef that is unlike any you’ll ever have that is beyond sublime.
Get to Lotus of Siam…
You will thank me!

You should go for more of the unusual dishes (pad thai (even a good one) is kind of standard thai food) especially from the northern thai menu and the different Issan-style specials and don’t miss out on Nam Kao Tod.

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+1, just wish the dish was larger, portion-wise.

Also noteworthy is the Thum-Ka-Noon and the Crispy Duck on Drunken Noodle.

We love Lotus, and go there as often as possible. Our favorites:
– Tom Ka Kai (Bangkok style)
– Nua Sao Renu–charbroiled beef with tamarind sauce (the sauce is addictive)
– Crispy duck with Panang (red cream curry sauce w/cognac)
– Another vote for Nam Kao Tod (crispy rice w/sour sausage)

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I don’t eat red meat and a lot of things are with meat or chicken.
The Nam Kao Tod is sour sausage.
I do like fried tofu but only in certain dishes, like the pad thai.
Forgot to add that I had the Green Papaya salad that was quite good.


What’s wrong eith red meat if you eat not-red meat from time to time ?

I went to LoS last December and plan to go again when I’m in Vegas again this December. Like others here, I can’t imagine going there and ordering tom yum gai and pad Thai–you might as well go to Per Se and get a cheeseburger. This place has such great offerings of delicious, hard-to-find, unusual (for the US) dishes…branch out!

LoS is one of our “go-to” places, and has for many, many, many years. We visit Vegas at least 2-3 times a year for both business and pleasure, and always make it at least once (if not twice) to dine here. Love it!

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I’ve only had a hamburger or my annual Patty Melt…even that is too much and hurts my stomach and I start going all Portlandia…
Steaks et al haven’t touched my :kiss: since early 70’s, when I was a mere enfant.
Can’t do it…freaks me the f*ck out…

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I thought I read that you eat chicken and pork i(unfortunately) today tends to be the other white meat - you should try it. In addition the meat ratio at LOS tends to be smaller than in other restaurants (which is not a bad thing)

Herr Honk, it kind of sounds like you have a secret crush on our beloved, BC.

You seem to stalk, er, ahem, follow her every food move.

Then again, who can blame you. BC does indeed have her charms. Of which there are many.

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Normally I follow her from vacation to vacation

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Herr Honk…when you’re funny, you’re funny!

I’m just a simple girl who loves her Filet O’ Fish, French handbags & Tito’s Vodka with a big ol’ splash of cran. .
:handbag: :kiss:

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Sorry, but we cancelled dinner at LoS today after learning about the prodigious amounts of MSG they splurge at in their kitchen.

Is this just hearsay on the MSG?
I’m very sensitive to MSG and through the years dining at LoS, I’ve never encountered the effects it has on me.


"Called the restaurant to ask if they used MSG and they said they put it in every dish! 2 hours later my muscles ache, I feel sick and this top rated restaurant pretty much msg poisoned me.

Bottom line, you can get better Thai food at Krung Thai on Flamingo and Decatur, which doesn’t use msg and is about half the price. Don’t believe the hype."

I called the restaurant today and asked if they used MSG and they said they did but not in every dish but like you stated, ‘Don’t believe the hype’ when they say they don’t use it…

I’m sensitive to MSG and have never experienced any issues, not to say you haven’t but I must say that I was very surprised to hear they use it in some dishes, but the food still kicks serious ass and I still love LoS. .


Went here on July 4th for dinner. What could be more American than tons of spicy sublime Thai food. LoS is as good as ever. Every dish had the right amount of heat to balance out the other great flavors like the sour, sweet, herbal and citrusy. We did pretty good damage for 4 adults and 3 kids under 6. Anything else we should add to the list for the next trip? We probably had room to add 1-2 more dishes.

Spicy chicken wings mostly for kids (2 orders)
Crispy rice with sausage
Papaya salad
Green curry
Garlic prawns
Sea bass drunken noodles
Pad see ewe
Kai soi - not as good as version at OC Playground

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Love their Pad Thai with fried tofu…super spicy with extra peanut sauce…

Was there in late May/June and ordered extra pad Thai and green curry for later, since Trump has the full size sub zero fridge and gotta say, after gambling till the wee hours, with the party hat still on, nothing like some fab LoS, waiting to be devoured, in bed, watching the twinkling strip lights…

Gotta get the sea bass drunken noodles…
Did you go for lunch or dinner?

Thanks for the great report!