Lovely Handmade Korean-Chinese Noodles - Lee's Noodles



dude you had me till the black beans and noodle part – not to “yuck your yum” (shout to rachael narins)…

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I like less hefty, actually. Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:

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ain’t touching that K-noodle with a 20 ft pole, but Dok Dok spicy was really fun when I had it shortly after they opened.

Your photo of that the non-yangnyum tungdalk looks arsed out. too bad; maybe they should’ve focused on the chix instead of trying to make $ off Chinese food.

Hey Tony,

Thanks; didn’t like it much huh? LOL

I’m always on the lookout for good JJM. Can you recommend some good spots with handmade noodles for their JJM?

Hey JJ,

LOL, they also have Seafood Noodles (no Black Beans). Didn’t get a chance to try it.

The JJM at Lee’s is legit.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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If u find black beans on noodles good. Reminded me of past student poverty home cooked special. Can beans plus ramens. I’m myopic I guess. I like it with yellow rice.

Hi JJ,

Actually I think the menu’s English translation might not be accurate, LOL. I believe the traditional Jajangmyeon Noodles are not made with “Black Beans” (like what we normally have in many Western meals), but that it’s a type of Soybean Paste as a base, and then it’s sauteed and built up into a sauce with a variety of chopped veggies and some marinated pork or seafood (depending on the chef / restaurant).

The flavor is definitely nothing like real Black Beans that we eat here. :smile: The JJM Sauce is slightly sweet, savory, and pretty standout in its own right.

I would agree if it was like Black Beans in the Western sense, I’d be grossed out myself. :wink:

It’s actually either black (Korean) or yellow (Chinese) soybeans.

But it is beans. No matter the color.

But instead of boiled or baked beans (a la Southern or Texan style), it’s more bean paste (usually fermented). Along with a lot of other seasonings from things like soy sauce, hoisin sauce, conpoy, onions (minced), garlic, etc. and additions like beancurd and/or ground pork.

Think of it like the Asian version of refried beans, if you will.


Thanks for the additional clarification ipse! :smile:

I’ve never figured out all the ingredients in that sauce.

And I need to try that Scottish Egg you mentioned in the other thread; I totally spaced out on that.

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i had the Spicy Seafood Soup Noodles for dinner tonight.

a tremendous amount of delicious food for very little money.


Wait. Someone check to make sure Bigfoot wasn’t trapped and caught tonight.

Did we have an actual WSG sighting east of the 405?


it IS beans and it also has pork.

most of the tables ordered something from the “noodle” side of the menu which includes noodles, rice dishes, deep-fried sweet and sour pork, and several varieties of dumplings,
also ordered fried chicken to go with it.
you can get the fried chicken with four different types of sauces.
in addition to the noodles and dumplings and rice dishes and chicken, they also sell coffees, teas (milk tea, taro tea, green tea, thai tea, horchata tea), bobas, fried twinkies and fried candy bars.

all i can say, is that i loved the spicy seafood noodles and that the portion size was unbelievable for the price.

p.s. they will also sell you a deep fat fried hard boiled egg if you want.
very quirky kind of place
i like quirky
clean too
and nice service


swimming in a huge bowl of kim chee flavored seafood soup


This makes me happy.

Cheers to you, @westsidegal.


thank you.
with my poor navigation skills, it’s practically a miracle that i found my way back.

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wesside-what kind of seafood in the noodles and was it more like a noodle soup? nice foray into ktown.

mussels, shrimp, and some by catch that i couldn’t identify.
also contained some tree fungus.
the texture and flavor of the noodles, were wonderful
(they were NOT at all mushy)
the broth had the appearance and flavor of kim chee.
the dish was sort of halfway between a noodle dish and a soup dish.


Hi westsidegal,

Glad you liked it! :smile:

How spicy were the Spicy Seafood Noodles? Could you get them mild?