Lower sulfite ciders?

Sometimes while drinking a cider, before I’m halfway through, I’m completely congested. This also occurs occasionally with red wine. But with several ciders, it is so notable as to make the rest (and the rest of a meal) uncomfortable. And sometimes, a cider won’t affect me at all. I am assuming it is the sulfite bath these poor apples suffer. Recommendations for lower sulfite ciders that are “generally available” are appreciated.

Sonoma Cider (hatchet) doesn’t have sulfates. I’m not sure where your located, but you can get Sonoma @ BevMo here in LA. I haven’t had a problem w/ sulfates myself, but I’m not a big fan of yeasted ciders. I prefer to have a bit more fruit flavor and the yeast tends to dry the cider and remove some of the natural fruit flavor for me.