LQ Foodings @MaMaison. Anyone done one recently?

So Chef LQ has been doing dinners at his house for a group of ~18 and he tentatively invited me for a dinner this Friday. The last one he did was 10 courses for $120 + $45 for wine pairing.

Any of you guys done one recently?

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Looking forward to the report!

ha! I know you’ve done several in the past but I can’t seem to find any reviews of recent ones. Is no one in our community going to these dinners anymore?

I’ve gone to several of LQ’s events. Prepare to feast. Eating a meal by Chef Laurent is a no-holds-barred journey into culinary hedonism. They are usually very satisfying experiences.

The only criticism (if any) is that Chef Laurent sometimes goes a bit overboard in his zeal to impress the diner. One of the truffle dinners I went to was so heavy (3-4 straight meat dishes towards the end) that Mrs. J_L jokingly commented afterwards that Chef Laurent tried to kill us with “death by decadence”. But that was on one occasion only.

And oh… that LQ cheese cart remains the best in town. Enjoy.

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@J_L awesome! :slightly_smiling: I want to try one of those one day.

Did you do a signature JL Report for that decadent truffle dinner? I might’ve missed it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

@J_L Yeah I had his cheese cart again recently at the Seafood Tower event. Has he ever told you how he gets all his unpasteurized cheeses? Pretty funny.

One article said that he smuggles that shit by himself and it gets confiscated fairly often. What did he tell you?

Let’s just say that he has friends who work for a particular french airline

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But he has also friends at a cheesestore in LA who have connections to get the desired raw cheeses

Here’s a very recent review w/ photos: Eating L.A.: Laurent Quenioux Cooks at Home: You Will Eat Cardoons and Fiddleheads and You Will Love Them

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awesome, thanks!

Ok i’m booked for Friday night. Anyone else want to go?

So how was it?

The food was pretty fantastic. On any given night, I think LQ’s tasting menu can hold up against some of the best in our city (ie. Maude, Providence, Melisse, etc). A few notes/comments from the meal: The pacing was a little slow. Dinner was supposed to start at 6:30pm but a few of the guests were really late to the point where we couldn’t wait for them anymore, so first course actually started at 7:30pm. Not the chef’s fault, but by the time we were done with dinner, it was past 11pm.

The highlight was a polenta course with morels. Amazing. And of course, his cheese cart. We had complete carte blanche over the cheese cart and free to consume as much of anything we wanted. Very generous.

Now the pics:

Forgot to take pics of the cheese cart and dessert, which was also fantastic.


Yeah that is a somewhat persistent issue which I’ve also encountered at LQ. Luckily (thanks to my Euro-friends), I don’t mind a long meal too much.

What I like about his pop-ups are when they’re being held at someone else’s private property. And this weekend’s dinner was at a lovely estate up in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking Topanga, CA. $80 for 6 course, an amuse and an aperitif. Didn’t opt for the wine pairing which was still $45. Dinner was supposed to start at 8pm, but did not until 8:30, and we were done around 11:15pm. Probably had a party of about 20 in attendance.