Lucky Boy Pasadena

A friend wants to go. Any good? How does it compare to Ricks in silverlake?


Food is serviceable for locals but I would pass. It is like the local joint that every city has and loves IMO.

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It’s a burger joint that does a smattering of Mexican items.

Get a burger, some chili fries and maybe a milkshake to wash it down. Not going to change your world.

Personally, I’d rather grab something to go at the Trader Joe’s next door, and I’m not even a Trader Joe’s fan.

You may want to pick your friends more carefully in the future …


I seem to remember somebody telling me that they have good breakfast burritos here—true?

I used to think that, too.

But then I realized, it’s just a breakfast burrito. Not. That. Hard.

you’d be surprised…I work a couple bldgs away from Tere’s on Melrose/Cahuenga and they make probably the worst b’fast burrito that I’ve ever had. Took two bites and had to toss it. Which is a shame because I love a good b’fast burrito.

I’ve had the breakfast burrito at Lucky Boy, and I think it’s good. Just good, nothing to write home about. It’s fast food in a moderately grimy environment. It comes with decent salsa. I wouldn’t drive much distance for it.

It’s a generous size. The cheeseburgers are better. Comments limited to the Arroyo location. Haven’t been to the Walnut store.

I believe I tried a cheeseburger there a million years ago @ the Arroyo location during a TJs run (the burger smoke wafts over into their itsy bitsy parking lot).

I love Teres nachos, but don’t like their burritos and enchiladas.

Isn’t this the fucking joint with the beyond iconic breakfast burritos ???

Tere’s: 1st of all—WTF w/ putting lettuce into a burrito!!! for me, that’s all types of wrong. If our work fridge hasn’t been stocked, Tere’s is the closest go-to in a pinch. Their tacos are not good, I’ve had a passable enchilada (can’t say if the red sauce is any better than the green), and chips can be stale.

My usual order is either the carne asada quesadilla (w/ beans & rice as the side—need to specify that or you just get beans. Actually their beans & rice are serviceable) or a carne asada burrito w/ NO lettuce, no beans and no sour cream (I actually had that yesterday and it wasn’t half bad). But it seems like they changed the marinade on the asada and I liked it better before. Maybe I should just try the nachos???


@LAgirl: Get thee over to Cofax. Love their breakfast burrito. :smile:

I know and it’s not that far from me. But every time I’ve gone to Golden State, it’s been packed and I wasn’t able to get seated without a long wait (so I’ve left every time w/out eating there) and that turned me off from even attempting Cofax.

Tere’s: maybe they are copying Taco Bell with the lettuce in the burritos. Try the nachos and let me know what you think. I had them recently after not having them for close to two years (moved to Santa Monica) they were good, but not as good as I remembered. Maybe they are changing some things. Funny, I don’t like their tacos either.

Pass of that too. It was good, but not anything out of the norm.

it’s probably been 10 years but the place used to be about the breakfast burrito and the cheese chili fries. that and the fact it was the only place open around that part of town late at night. stop by if you’re in the area but don’t drive more than 8 minutes to get there.

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Cofax is really fucking incredible though heavier than it should be.

And they do pretty fucking decent third wave coffee.

Make sure to get extra hot sauce.

Damn. I want that fucking breakfast burrito for breakfast tomorrow.

Lucky Boys - Arroyo Pkwy location is memorable for those of us who horked down their belly bombs in high school…otherwise not that big of a deal. Walnut location lacks the time-worn patina of the Arroyo Pkwy digs which clearly adds to the nostalgia factor…again, tho’ not particularly special, I will say the Walnut shop fries hit the spot.

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