Lucques by Suzanne Goin

Deserves its own topic.

Suzanne Goin is a goddess and it’s interesting how this place flies below the radar. Got a same day rezzy last night. Maybe because it has been around for a long time and we are a hype driven city but…

Total agreement with J Giggy on its superiority over AOC. We lived across the street for a decade and didn’t go nearly enough.

Great wine list. Maybe best short rib in town. Can’t stop thinking about the bread. Sourdough starter, whole wheat, insane crusting. Didn’t get to snap a pic of the duck but it was quite good

Le Tartare

Les Shortribs


Have you tried the short rib at the re-invented Wilshire Restaurant? I thought it was divine.

I’ve been to Lucques 2-3 times. Thought it was very good on the first visit and merely above average on the other visits. Thought AOC was very good on my first visit (many yrs ago) and thought it bordered on mind-blowing on the last visit a few mos ago. BTW the 2 and w/ my limited experience, I prefer the taste at AOC. I cannot comment on the cooking technique needed for either cuisine.

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We all have our tastes. AOC was unremarkable for me though obviously a quality place I look forward to going back to.

Will try the other suggestion

I had an awful experience at Lucques when I took my favorite sister-in-law for a birthday dinner a few years ago, so it is permanently off my list.

AOC has fabulous salads, very seasonal and interesting. I’ve never had dinner there, but it’s a very pretty space for lunch.

That’s shocking to read, I can’t imagine what may have happened

Service issues. Food was fine.

Yikes. Hope you contacted them afterward to let them know. I assume they would take such a complaint very seriously b/c the service I’ve received at all of her restaurants has always been exemplary.

Goin has spread herself too thin these days.

She needs to keep a tighter rein on Mercedes Rojas, the chef de cuisine at Lucques.

In many ways, Lucques reminds me of Melisse. A great restaurant that time has passed by.

Agree that Goin has spread herself too thin, given her contract with Hollywood Bowl, etc. However, still think that Lucques is great restaurant. Focus now on Lucques, Aoc. Tavern is the one which has seriously suffered. Larder at Tavern is now not even an option any longer as the food and service are so tired. Have great respect for Styne and Goin and what they do for the Alex Loves Lemonade Foundation.

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I’m happy not to know these things as our annual visits have always been fun and delicious. I’ll try to stay in bliss until something pisses me off too


My friend had never been to Lucques to I took her for her birthday. She wanted to go to some place downtown that she said served great steak and fries, but I got her to try this place instead.

I usually get the steak but wanted the crab cake sandwich since I was missing the softshells we would buy live in B’more.

It was fantastic!


My friend loved her steak and fries and said this version was much better than the place she had wanted to go.



They had a large party out on the patio, celebrating another birthday. Our service was slow as a result. I like it for lunch because it usually is fairly empty and quiet with good service, so great when you want to meet and talk. The biggest problem with it is its proximity to Raku, which is my preferred place.


I had a very good meal there a few weeks ago which I forgot to post about. Perfect place to hang out with friends and talk.






Holy cow. I hope it’s closing b/c both Goin and Styne are super busy w/ other things? While it doesn’t get a lot of mentions on here, I consider this place an institution, and it was one of the first fancy dinners I had when I started to make enough $ to pay for such things.

I didn’t go often, but I will certainly miss it. Glad I went recently.


Don’t know if the two events are related, but the duo are working on a new project at the Proper Hotel in DTLA:


Yikes. It’s not super busy but a long time favorite. We lived across the street for a decade. I just sent a french coworker to go there when his parents visited and they loved it.

I think corona virus is going to force restaurants to close and ones with multiple restaurants to prioritize their primary revenue drivers

Announcing that they’ll be closing in eight weeks doesn’t seem like anything to do with COVID-19.

I’m kind of surprised they lasted as long as they have. Elegant decor, tablecloths, starter - main - dessert, unfussy plating, polished and correct service … I love it, but that combination is a hard sell to young people.


maybe true but could be they’re seeing the writing on the wall that the situation only worsen and are repositioning now. we WILL certainly see a lot of businesses close or consolidate due to lack of patrons. hell i’m expecting a lot of austerity measures and layoffs at all sorts of companies