Lukshon - tasting menu

barely poached oyster - frozen coconut, cucumber, cherimoya
Pro tip, the white-frozen-coconut-looking powder underneath the oyster is NOT frozen coconut powder. Don’t ask me how i know.


sturgeon skin “chicharron” - soft tofu, sturgeon caviar

santa barbara uni toast - smoked bone marrow, jujube
The jujubes I get at the theater have never tasted this good

hawaiian butterfish - limequat kosho, cucumber, tapioca, frozen sake
Aka escolar, aka the olestra Pringles of the sea. So fatty and rich, I shit you not :poop:

thai beef salad - red romaine, braised beef tongue, tendon, nopales, opo squash, tomato chips
So fresh it started tasting me back

santa barbara spot prawn - corn pudding, pepper relish, black bean butter
Loved the sweet corn pudding and perfectly cooked prawn, reminded me of a shrimp and sweet corn grits dish.

ham & eggs - egg custard, duck ham, preserved duck egg gribenes, sweet soy, pistachios
A delicious chawanmushi with tons of umami.

creekstone farms’ “crying tiger” rib eye - thai creamed spinach, crispy shallots
The spicy, pungent green sauce at the bottom was great, wish there was more. The dry aged rib eye was spot on too.

“flavors of riesling” - roasted stone fruit sorbet, frothy riesling

pineapple sticky rice - sticky rice pudding, compressed pineapple, thai green curry sorbet
Really good



after dinner burger @ father’s office

3239 Helms Ave
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 202-6808(310) 202-6808


That is instant street cred.


I know I’m in the minority, but I always enjoy my food at Lukshon. EXCELLENT photos!
And that burger has strength.


Still don’t get the love for Lukshon, based on my 3 lackluster visits there. Maybe the Sergio effect.

But the FO Burger afterwards is admirable.


Thanks for the report @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: All of these new tasting menu dishes seem like items not on the previous menu. Would you say it’s a step up from Lukshon pre-tasting menu era?

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No room for after dinner Bolognese???


Did you eat this? I would have been a bit offended to see this show up on a tasting menu. Do they tell you that’s what it was?

Our FTC colleagues are experienced eaters. PorkBelly knows better than to go into escolar without background.


everything on the new tasting menu (except for the rib eye) isn’t available on the regular menu. for now, at least, the tasting menu requires advanced tickets and sergio is in the kitchen. i enjoyed everything, except for the portion sizes, but that’s a me problem.


ha, pasta sisters was already closed.

I’ve looked at their menu twice and not seen anything like the tasting menu you had. There’s a multi-course for $70. Is this an off-menu item or something they ‘created’ for you?

It’s a new thing they are doing:

I believe at at the counter only.


Personally I have never had any problems with escolar in smaller portion sizes. Looks like a fun dinner!

I read your reports and want to comment on something, then another something, then another… oh never mind, too much commenting. Just this, you eat great.

P.S. Loved the Sergio pic.

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I ate escolar some years ago, not knowing it presents problems…for some.

Nice rundown! I wish I could’ve done something similar but I went later in the evening and it was too dark. I was totally good with the portion size and I can eat a lot :smiley: but Sang did give us a “mistake” lobster roll that the kitchen fired by accident (had half of it) so that helped. I couldn’t possibly eat a burger afterwards, but all power to you! My favorite dish was the prawn and the ribeye, which really did taste like crying tiger but like super elevated.

The Machine

My only visits to Lukshon were shortly after it opened, but I thought it was very tasty. My impression is that it doesn’t get a lot of love on there, though…

i have a feeling that my stomach loves me more for my wallet than for my witty personality.


Yeah. Bit of a whipping boy on the boards, though plenty of respected posters gave Lukshon a fair shake and still don’t regard it highly.
I just know I like it well enough.