Lunch around San Gabriel

Any non Sichuan suggestions for lunch around west SGV. Already tried Jiang Nan Spring recently. I was going to go Tams noodle house or Golden delight. But both are closed Wednesday.

You Kitchen in Alhambra. Tasty Taiwanese fare.


the intersection of las tunas & mission has places including one one dumplings (dumplings), golden deli (cha gio), golden leaf (oyster pancake) at the SE NE & NW corners, respectively which would make a great bang-bang-bang IMO. the place on the SW corner wasn’t bad either, just not sure if they’re still open, run by the original owners of wangjia (shanghaiese)

if you get there before 10:30 the breakfast special at sun nong dan (the old tokyo lobby) is a great deal.

sadly, shanghai dumpling house (XLB) is closed on weds.

you kitchen is good, but i’m partial to zui xiang yuan (the renamed flower garden) on the north side of valley across the street if you’re going to alhambra.


Newport Seafood/Boston Lobster.

One One and Hui Tou Xiang bang bang.

Qing Dao Bread Food for more dumplings. X 2 with You Kitchen.

Golden Deli. Make sure you are not in a rush to go anywhere. There is always a wait. I could never find a parking space there too. There is some Northern Chinese goodness next door at Tasty Noodle House. Drinks at Labobatory afterwards if you want. Honey walnut shrimp burger at Bopomofo lol.


Yes Newport is great for lunch to avoid the crowd.

And I love golden deli. But the crowd is big usually.

Dai Ho

Corner Beef Noodle House

Ruby BBQ

Hui Tou Xiang