Lunch at Ben Ngu in Garden Grove

Thanks to @JeetKuneBao for posting about this place! After reading about it in Little Saigon Adventures, I decided to meet my dad there. Luckily, husband came along which meant we could order even more!!

It was in the middle of the heat wave we were having, but the place was kept at a comfortable temperature. We got there early, as per dad’s lunch hour, and it was fairly empty, though there were a steady stream of folks coming in. I ordered food and then my dad asked about gluten free dishes to take home for his wife. Waiter gave him blank stare.

Coffee (#1) and avocado shake. Sadly, no booze.

We got #7, which is a combo of 6 and 11. I could be wrong, but I think #6 is the same as #5, only served in one plate as opposed to many separate plates.

the Bahn Beo Dia, number 6, was fantastic with the pork rinds! Also loved the Bahn Bot Loc Tran, especially with the red chile paste that was left on table. Had an incredibly unique, for me, texture and taste.

Ordered #13, Bahn It Kep Bahn Ram - wowsy! Gelatinous, gooey goodness! Very rich!

Got #10, Bahn Bot Loc La. Husband liked this more than I did.

We had many of them left over, which we took home for dinner, and there I liked them better, but still not my fave. Here is a shot from home - it is like a tiny tamale with clear, almost flavorless masa, the tapioca. The shrimp and pork had the texture of fruit at times.

I really liked #16, Bahn Uot Tom Chay & Cha. Wonderful with the dipping sauce and still great as leftovers that night.

Ordered #17, Bun Mit Mam Nem, which was a salad with nuts, jackfruit (think first time having) and rice cracker with a pungent sauce. Also good as leftovers, though the rice cracker got soggy.

We ordered something to have that night, #14, Bahn Nam. It was delicious! Honestly, I had no idea what it was until we got home and opened it that night, since husband picked it out. It was like an amazing, super moist, thin tamale. We gobbled them up! The sauce was like none that was served with any other items that day at lunch. It went perfectly with the rice flour cakes that had shrimp in them.

Reheated the leftovers in my Miele steamer /combo oven.

Also, had the Bun Bo Hue soup the next day. Yummy! Hope to go back soon!!

Again, @JeetKuneBao, thanks!!