Lunch at Cafe des Federations in Lyon

I had booked this place online, via their website. It was Sunday lunch. The restaurant was near full, but they seated at least one walk-in. Again, a set menu.

Started with the egg, then salad. Love this salad Lyonnaise - the lentils were addictive.


I got the tete de veau. Heaven.

I’ll have to check with the husband as to what he got - think this was andouillette.

Then a cheese course.

The cheese in the mini terrine was made in house from all the leftover cheese bits. They throw in in together and then out comes this cheese. That would never happen in the US. It was pungent, but good!

Then dessert. Baba au rhum and a praline tart.

Another great bouchon! The waitress gave us a list of other bouchons she recommended.