Lunch at Garlic and Chives

I like to meet my father occasionally for lunch in Little Saigon, halfway between where he lives and where I do. The website said this was a new menu.

We each got a glass of wine. The service is always very friendly but not particularly efficient.

We started with these amazing fried salmon belly spring rolls. I think I tasted some mayo in a few bites.

These were good, but not the as good as the cha gio at Brodard, right next door.


These blood clams were very tasty, but only got a pic of the last one.

We ordered pork belly with sticky rice. It was delicious!!!

My Dad could not stop eating these sweet potato fries with a mayo-like dipping sauce. They were loaded with garlic, which I don’t always like, but this had none of the bitterness you sometimes find with garlic.

Got this to-go for my husband, who got to eat it as a late lunch. He devoured it.

As we walked back to our cars, some women asked us where Brodards was. We were able to direct them, feeling like locals!


Nice report @Xochitl. The Spring Rolls look :kissing_closed_eyes:.

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