Lunch at KillerPoBoys at Erin Rose

Thanks to the suggestions here, I decided to stay and eat where I could walk, mostly, rather than take long trips for lunch. My husband was attending a conference, so the first day we didn’t have time for a long lunch. We walked over to Killer Poboys at Erin Rose, which is a bar with a room in back where Poboys operates out of.

A block away there is another KillerPoBoys with a larger menu. At the Erin Rose location, my husband had the pork belly and I had the wild gulf shrimp grilled. The sandwiches were huge. My shrimp was well cooked and the carrot slaw that came with it had a slightly sweet, Asian-influenced sauce. The pork belly also had an Asian influenced sauce and the slices were belly were very thick. My husband felt his was the best but both were delicious.

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Glad you enjoyed it – as I said, not necessarily traditional, but well worth it!

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Have to agree with that!

I think that is what most first time visitors/conventioneers do, which usually means doing almost everything in, or right around, the French Quarter. I think the French Q is fine - hell, it is more than fine, it is one of the best places to pass some time in the world - but the quality of the food (and music and bars) is not as consistent as other parts of the city, where locals tend to gather. The city is so small, so getting to places in Carrollton, Uptown, Bywater, Mid City, Lakefront etc is relatively cheap and fast. Sounds like you had an awesome trip. Thanks for reporting back.

I agree! Which is why after the conference we switched to B&B in Garden District. The most memorable day for me was taking the ferry to Algiers and spending half the day wandering around, looking at the architecture and then stopping at a bar to watch the sunset. But I still have around half the trip left to post!


cant wait