Lunch at Mr. B's Bistro on Tuesday

The last full day of the trip I wasn’t sure where to have lunch. I asked waiters at places we had enjoyed, and decided, with their advice, to go to Mr. B’s. On Tuesday, their lunch special is fried chicken. Their other lunch special, not sure if on weekends, also, are buck 25 martinis! Had to start with one, and maybe had another…

The lunch special came with gumbo. Two were on offer, and the waiter recommended the spicy meat one. It was great! Dookie still had my fave, but this one had spicy sausage that gave it a nice kick!
The fried chicken was great, but my husband commented that the one at Dookie Chase was less greasy. Definitely better greens at Mr. B’s, though.

We were completely full so we decided to order dessert. :grin:
Bread pudding! Yummy!

The waiter found out we were heading to Algiers for the afternoon and recommended a bar to stop in to. He said to ask for Patty. We ran into him later while we were walking around, checking out the architecture. Then we stopped by the bar and had a chat with Patty! She had more recommendations for the next trip!
Two photos from the ferry.


Can’t believe you didn’t have the BBQ shrimp!

I had read the shrimp was the thing to get, but the chicken looked good, and then the waiter said that the fried chicken used to be a meal for the staff only but it was so good they put it on menu, but only on Tuesday. When we met Patty at the bar on Algiers, she asked what we ate at Mr. B’s and we said chicken, and she said, ‘oh, that’s right, it’s Tuesday,’ so I got the feeling that the chicken is a local secret.

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