Lunch/Brunch places in DTLA that will accommodate 100?

Hey all, anybody have any ideas where I could do a 100 person lunch/brunch on a Sunday in DTLA that will not be absurdly expensive?

What is your definition of absurdly expensive?

You may be able to do something at Plan Check.


Trying to keep it below like 75 a person.

Ahh that’s a good idea, my current idea was the massive Umami space but I much prefer Plan Check

How about Ocean Seafood in Chinatown?

They are aptly equipped for large parties.


Cafe Pinot can accommodate this large group.

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If I had my druthers, that’s what we’d be doing. This is not a crowd that can handle dim sum though :frowning:

I’ll look into them. Thanks for the tip!

Not in downtown, but a lot of large meetings are held at Taix on Sunset.