Lunch from Kalbis Korean Grill on Westside

Honestly, I just wanted to try their tater tots, so I ordered delivery from them. I got myself a spicy Bulgogi pork bowl with their fire sauce. It was pretty darn good with a nice kick! And all their stuff comes in compostable packaging.

Their tater tots are awesome!!

I got husband the Katsu bowl, breaded pork cutlet, with the green sauce. The delivery took so lunch he wasn’t able to take it to work ( it came within their estimated time window but still took a long time - 70 minutes) , so he had it when he got home. He really liked it.

I also got him the sweet potato fries. Very good!

With the sides, we had leftovers and both enjoyed the food the next day, also.

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Hadn’t heard of this place, so thanks for the info. Was the food still reasonably warm when it arrived?

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Yes, it was. :grinning:

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Thanks for the report! It’s located in the same mini-mall as Hop Woo. I tried Kalbis back when it first opened, but didn’t feel it was particularly worthy of mention, but I will re-evaluate it again, based on your recommendation.

I also assume that part of the recommendation was based on geographic convenience? If you live on the westside and want delivery or something relatively close by, there’s not a lot of options for Korean BBQ (I assume).

Plan to try it myself w/i the next few wks…

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Yes, absolutely, that and those tater tots! They are nostalgic for me, which is odd since I never had them growing up! But oh, they were good tots!
I’m going to get some and save for breakfast. The food was good and spicy and the vegetables that came with it, in my case kale, was very fresh.