Lunch near 9/11 memorial?

Will be visiting NYC with my family in early August and looking for a great (preferably sit-down) spot for lunch after the 9/11 memorial. I have been to NYC before but not to this part of Manhattan. What do you suggest?

You can visit nearby Eataly market and lunch at one of their restaurants.

No personal experience with this one, but I’ve enjoyed meals at his other restaurants.

Thanks! Will check out Metropolis - we like Eataly but have one nearby home already.

La Mercerie or Manhatta. Or Frenchette is a 15 min walk away.

Walk North to Tribeca - 10 - 15 mins. Odeon for classic brasserie and Khe-Yo for delicious Lao food. Locanda Verde, Italian.

I need to tell this story: I went to Odeon for brunch earlier this month. As I walked in, the host and several servers were at the host stand laughing hysterically. I waited for them to settle, the host apologized for the delay, and I went to have a drink at the bar while I waited for the rest of my party. And I wondered what was so funny. Lucky for me, the host soon came over to let the bartender in on the joke: “Oh, my god, did you see? Rachel walked FULL ON into the glass door. She thought it was open. It was hilarious - I think she almost knocked herself out!”

Food was very good, service excellent. And yet.

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