Lunch near whittier

have to run down to whittier to pick up something, anything chow-worthy around there?

the CH search function doesn’t allow sort by date and i’m pulling up stuff 10 years old i don’t want to have to sort through.

I like Arturo’s puffy tacos
15693 Leffingwell Rd, Whittier, CA 90604

also tacos Baja ensenada

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that’s on whittier but actually in east la. my definition of near is a little different than yours, i guess.

fair enough, I think you mean correctly that your definitition of whitter is accurate and mine wasn’t there!..I got a friend that lives right around corner from Arturo’s—that’s whitter for sure! just trying to help you out brotha

arturo’s sounds like it might work. thanks!

This is a list from JGold’s article Feb 2014. Only been to Bizarra Capital. Not bad. Pretty good. You’ll need to check to see who’s open for lunch.

  • Bizarra Capital
  • The Bottle Room
  • Portsmouth
  • Phlight
  • Rusty Monk
  • Seta
  • and the aforementioned Arturo’s Puffy Tacos
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Soy Maya for papusas.

Corner of Painter and Lambert.

love both recs.

what about Bizzaro Capital that everyone seems to rave about ???

i like pupusas. do they also offer slaw? i had an el salvadorean coworker who brought pupusas to work and the slaw really does complete them IMO.

Yes, as well as salsa.

cool. it’s sol maya BTW. thanks.

bizarra capital, Bailey Street etc.

there’s a tacos baja in whittier, not East LA.

yes, but the address provided on whittier blvd is east la.

thought so – thanks…

+1 on The Bottle Room.

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Gotta have the slaw. Cuts the richness.

bottle room doesn’t open until 3ish…

16032 Whittier Blvd, Whittier. It’s really far deep into Whittier though. I’d just rather leave Whittier ASAP.

it’s a consideration; it seems to take 1/2 hour to get to anywhere in whittier from the SGV, even if you start in whittier.

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