Lunch not brunch downtown this Saturday

Westsider here who rarely ventures downtown except for events at Staples Center or jury duty so I’m woefully ignorant about all the places that have sprung up in the last few years. However I’ll be at a seminar in the area this Saturday morning and a friend and I want to have a leisurely lunch afterwards - some place where we can have a glass of wine and a nice meal and chat for a while. Fairly open food wise, except that she doesn’t eat red meat and I don’t eat fish/seafood so a broader menu is good. I’m assuming a lot of places will have a brunch menu, but we’d at least like a good number of non-breakfasty options. Suggestions from another friend include Terroni and Le Petit Paris. Other ideas?

One more wrinkle - I’d really love it if there was a bar with a tv showing college football (Michigan - Michigan state at 12:30) but that may be too much to ask. Thanks!

factory kitchen ???

should wait you might be asking for is too much ???

ebano’s crossing ???

cole’s pe buffet ??? definitely a TV in there solid drinks and who doesn’t like French dips, triple fucking dipped ???

oh, sorry, my fucking bad.

you said no meat. that might be a no-go on Cole’s PE Buffet unless they have veggie eats ??? veggie eatz anyones ???


This is sort of a brain teaser.

Are you trolling? Kidding, of course.

Not too many places open Saturday for lunch, and meet some, much less all, of your requirements.

Faith & Flower comes to mind, but the food there, if I’m being nice, is overpriced and mediocre. Not a good combo.

Triple 8 would also work, if Asian fusion is ok with you guys.

Local Table definitely has a bar with a TV, and also fits your other criteria.

Of course, there’s always Clifton’s … but really, just kidding again.

  • 10e Lebanese
  • Spitz Little Tokyo
  • Seoul Sausage Little Toyko
  • Cole’s

Thanks everyone for the input. I did say that asking for football on tv might be too much …

Factory Kitchen isn’t open for lunch on the weekend, unfortunately, and Cole’s seems tough for a non-meat eater, but I’m looking into the others. Triple 8 and Local Table seem like possibilities.

And now my friend has told me she might have to bail, so I may not be going anywhere. Oh well.

plan check has a mess of nice flat screens if you’re still on…some non meat items…i do enjoy that bleu print burger

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No too hard. 800 Degrees also has TVs, a bar and can accommodate various diet issues.


Well, there you go.

Once again, Dommy! to the rescue.

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Checking back in to say that our plan for a leisurely lunch got derailed unfortunately. I really appreciate all your help and will file the suggestions away for future reference when I’m downtown again.

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