Lunch options near USC? with kids

Hi All!

long time CH member and just found this site and good to see some familiar names!

Going to the Natural History Museum and looking for good lunch options for 6 adults and 6 kids (ages 3-7)

Was thinking Pok Pok but looks like they are out of rsvp.
no real limitations on types of food. just need a comfy place for the group and casual.


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My first thought is Revolutionario, which you can read all about courtesy of our very own @Chowseeker1999.

Or you can just go to Langer’s, but then that’s too easy, and you’re better than that.


There’s always Chichen Itza at the Mercado Paloma down the street. The food court atmosphere is casual and there’s room for the kids to run around a bit if they get antsy…mine still do and they’re (10-13). I do like the conchinita pibil there.

+162 For Langer’s

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Some French Dip maybe?



Beverly Tofu

Mae Dang Gook Su


Hi @samtron608,

Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile: Glad you found us (this is where most of the LA Hounds went to after CH went to garbage).

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yes, I am glad I found you guys!! Been out of the food scene for a few years…crazy what having two kids will do to you! but now that my kids are getting a little older we have had more time to finally venture out and about.

Looking forward to getting more involved here!

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btw, thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Both Chichen and Langers sound like a good plan!

hmmm wondering if Pok Pok would be another option?

If you go to pok pok phat thai, chego and Ramen champ are all in the same complex

If you’re going to do Pok Pok, at least do Pok Pok LA and not Pok Pok Phat Thai.

Grand Central Market for anything from burgers to pasta to chicken and rice to delicious multi-pork part tacos at Las Morelianas.

Hi @samtron608,

If you search “Pok Pok” here, you’ll see a couple topics on the subject. It’s gotten mixed reviews. In terms of actual space, I think they could accommodate you just fine, and it’s not overly fancy. I think it’s just the price / quality ratio and actual tastiness of the food.

I haven’t been yet, having seen too many mixed reviews to bother going, but there are some good recommendations from @Porthos and others for dishes that they do well (and other dishes to avoid). Good luck.

You realize Philippe’s is nowhere near USC…right?

I guess maybe recommendations actually near USC are not wanted though? idk… that opens up so many possibilities that it seems hard to recommend anything in particular lol

It’s closer than Pok Pok…

Neither is Chinatown really. Ipseditxit’s rec of Revolutionario is prolly the best idea although I’d just go to La Taquiza and get some mulitas. Who wants to negotiate downtown traffic with multiple cars and hungry children


thanks everyone. ya, maybe the trek up from USC to Chinatown vicinity is a bit much.

Chichen Itza might fit the bill!

Yeah, to me, the only really appropriate recs to me are Chichen Itza and Revolutionario, or Morton Fig on the USC campus.

I mean, yeah, if you are willing to go to Chinatown from USC, you are willing to go almost anywhere in LA…

Can’t believe a dozen+ responses and no one came up with the most obvious answer for a bunch of preschoolers.

Dirt Dog LA: bacon wrapped dogs, burgers, street corn, churros, great fries, and most importantly, craft beer on draft, in case your neighbor is actually posing food in front of his/her toddler like above.

Feeding a buncha 3YOs “revolutionary” tacos is not my idea of a good time before/after either 1) seeing their siblings at USC 2) doing the CalScience/NatHist.

Also, this is literally down the block from 'SC.


Actually it’s a favorite neighborhood place for kids and toddlers. Their cheese briks are always hit (Very easy for them to handle and tear up) as are the quesadillas (although they are huge).

Also, I haven’t done a compare between dirt dogs, but they just opened a Dog Haus quicky version over where Freebirds was.


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