Lunch Per Se or Ko?

Only have time do one or the other for lunch. I know they aren’t really similar, but note I am doing Atera, 11 Madison Park, and Le Bernardin for dinner.


I was leaning towards Ko, but what’s your reasoning?

Ko. During trips to NYC, I’ve been to the old Ko twice, the new Ko once, and Per Se once. I know Pete Wells got a bit of flack for his review of Per Se, but I found it to be pretty accurate. A stuffy room (with a great view), impersonal service, and expensive food that does not taste as good as it should. Ko, on the other hand, is more casual, but has spent a great deal of their time trying to figure out what tastes good. I think I preferred the meals at the old Ko a bit better because they were a bit abbreviated and more forward flavor wise. On the other hand, the new Ko offers more dishes, is more focused and refined, and actually feels a bit friendlier. I also think it would be a nice contrast to the other meals you have on your schedule. I was only at EMP when they offered the “grid” as the menu, but I think you will plenty of a formal fine dining experience from your meals there and Le Bernardin.

Please report back on you experience with Atera. I was there last year prior to Chef Lightner’s move to California and it was exquisite. I’m curious to hear what it is like with the changing of the guard.