Lunch - Pomona/Walnut/Diamond Bar

I will be frequenting the area more often for lunch nowadays. Things that are on my list:

I haven’t spent that much time in this particular area, so it’s all new and adventure for me.

At this point in time, Claremont, San Dimas, and Montclair might be too far as I only have an hour or so.

Open to all cuisines and price points.



Aroma Craft Coffee.

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donahoos fried chicken. get a dinner roll too

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My Alma Mater! The food there is solid based on a few business lunches I’ve had there. I love that the restaurant is run by the HRM (Hospitality and Restaurant Management) students there.


The ESGV thread has tons of options.

In Diamond Bar at the HMart plaza we like Tasty Box and Young Dong Tofu. Good lunch options either solo or with others.

For bagels and pastries Bageloo is great for the area. I heard there might have been some changes in the kitchen or ownership recently though. We like the bagels and the cream puffs.


Aljibani Halal Market
Omana’s Tacos
Tijuana Tacos
Mariscos Jalisco
Day Day’s Chicken and Waffles
Mimi 5 Bobee
Baby Elephant Thai


Sugar Rush coffee
Seasons Cafe
Dilliwala (I think only Open for lunch on Fridays)
Pomona Fish Market
Diamond Palace
Lucky Elephant
Young Dong


Liu&Sun Enterprises in Walnut. I believe the set lunch is now $10, still a steal


There’s Midoh Kitchen in Rowland Heights for tonkatsu and other Japanese fare.


Mariscos Jalisco - you already know

Mamas Pupusas - pupusas

Hilltop Jamaican - curry goat, oxtails, jerk chicken, festival bread, curry chicken patty

Ardaya’s Restaurant - barbacoa (weekends)

Kwon’s - fried rice

Young Dong - tofu soup and bibimbap


The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch

Open limited hours during semester, it could be a worthwhile trip if you’re looking for something outside of the random fast-casual hum drum of the neighborhood.

An open kitchen welcomes you as you walk in and a view of the Pomona valley. This restaurant is entirely run by students at the Hospitality school. There are some instructors walking about just to make sure things run smooth, but the students seem to be making most of the decisions.

Clam Chowder - the roux was a little darker, but this cup was chocked full of clams and bacon

Jerk chicken - the skin on breast was braised, which was interesting. It was moist, but the skin flaccid and it was a touch over. Lots of flavor here in each bite.

Coconut sorbet with passionfruit coulis - that coulis packed a lot of passionfruit flavor. It was a nice way to end the meal.

Super reasonable and it’s nice to see the kids work a restaurant like professionals. I could see myself coming here when I tire of the regular stuff in the neighborhood.


Hot Spot Nabe in Diamond Bar. Particularly the drunken cat fried rice.