Luv2eat Thai Bistro

Don’t waste your trip here like me. There was actual construction noises behind the paper, so it’s a real remodel.


Have they in fact reopened? They’re also on the list for the upcoming trip: recommendations for what they do best also requested.

Yes they are open.

crab curry
jade noodles
fried chicken

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How do those jade noodles compare to Sapp’s?

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It has been a while since I supped at Sapp but I noted better and more varied pork (3 different kinds, BBQ/Roasted/Chicharroned) and flavor at LTE, IMHO. Sapp’s is good; LTE’s is great.

Their massaman curry is fan-frickin-tastic and definitely worth ordering.

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I didn’t really care for the jade noodles TBH, BUT the crispy pork in there may be the best crispy pork I’ve ever had in thai town.

pardon my dumbitude, ns, but are you talking the crispy pork at luv2eat or the crispy pork at sapp?




The crab curry is ridiculously spicy. Even the mild. But very tasty.

I had the pad see ew with the crispy pork last time I went and it was fucking great.

I thought it was better than at Sapp.

But unlike many people, I didn’t really care for the crab curry. It was just too damn spicy even though I ordered it mild/medium. All you got was heat and not much else.

I’m going to regram myself since I first “found” this place from Thai newspapers near the beginning of the year:

For solo diners:
the yen ta fo is far more satisfying than the jade, cuz, “umami” n shiz.

Jungle curry khanom jeen with chicken feet:
aka: Thai diarrhea weight-loss program.

khao kluk kapi with mackerel:

For ~4:

“tray” size somtum, customized with whatever style salad you like:

Southern style curry with FISH, not crab, unlike all the print that says otherwise.
It’s far easier to eat, and gets greater mileage. Same curry, better QPR. Like @ns1, I’m all about QPR,

@Helper_Monkey’s fave Massuman curry:

pork rib kua kling with sator (by default, I skip beef at Thai restaurants in the US)

turmeric soup:

skip the fried chix/khao muk gai, and unless you’re really into chewy snails, skip the cockles (in either form). then again, WTF do I know? I think Jitlada serves brilliant Thai food even if I have to bus my own rice bowls + beer bottles there. 0 damns given.

NB: here you go @Porthos, 10 best at an LA Thai joint of which I was an early [edit: first] proponent.


@TonyC no need to convince me of Luv2eat. I’m a fan.

That Jitlada tho…

Btw, is that white balance a bit off in the first photo? :wink:

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Second the shrimp paste fried rice with mackerel

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How the hell do you eat that somtum and do I spy cha lua (viet word for it, no idea English or Thai word for it) at the top of that plate?

The countertop is grey-specked caesarstone; color is accurate but the exposure is completely f’d.

If you’d asked me for a Jitlada top 10 in '08 there would’ve been an immediate response on CH (or not), but that HDD died and I just didn’t GAF enough about food photos enough to have made a backup. Also, ErikM already did that for y’all in '08.

@TonyC I’m messing with you on the photo.

No photos needed for your Top 10 at Jitlada.

I don’t know who erikM is but I do know a TonyC.