Luv2Eat (Thai Town): A Pictorial Essay

Grabbed a quick lunch here…

Jade Noodles with Extra Fried Egg

Thai Iced Tea

Massaman Curry with Chicken & Jasmine Rice

Thai Tapioca

I love to eat here. That is all.


I need to go back for that curry. It was my favorite dish while I was in Thailand.

I want to go to try the jade noodles and boat noodles.

What’s the other yellowish thing in the tapioca (other than the corn)? Mango?

And is there is a third cook/owner? When I went there, I saw one of the people pictured in the banner, but the person wearing the baseball cap wasn’t the person pictured (I think)…

The tapioca was super-refreshing. It had pieces of jackfruit in it. There is often another chef at lunchtime.

Will have to try it; hopefully I’ll be able to make out there relatively soon. The jade noodles + egg look marvelous…

N.B.: Egg is an extra supplement (not part of the usual order of jade noodles there)… FYI.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

What does “N.B.” mean?




Nice pics. I just got back from Thailand (literally two days ago) and figured I’d be done with Thai food for at least a few weeks. Apparently not. That jade noodle dish looks amazing.

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The Jade Noodle at Sapp is my go-to treat. I’d never thought to try adding egg.

My favorite part of the dish is the last few bites where all the peanuts and chili flakes and dissolved sugars and such have collected in the bottom. I wonder what the addition of yolk bits would add to it? hmmm…

How does this compare to Sapp’s version?


As stated above, I personally like it better than Sapp’s version. Everything tastes just fresher.

I like the actual green noodles better at Sapp, BUT the fact that Luv2Eat’s version features THREE different meats (char siu, chicharron AND roast duck!!!) gives the win to Luv2Eat on this judge’s jade noodle scorecard.

VERRRRRY interesting (way WAY old laugh in reference. that’ll sort out the kids)

Is there no crab in Luv2Eat? (Mind you, the crab at Sapp isn’t exactly the best part of the dish, but I like it all the same)

This seems like a very worthy place to check out next time I feel like braving The Egyptian or the Chinese for a movie. Love that NoHo red line!

Crab supplement ($3) available as a side dish at Luv2Eat.

Me too

Dammit have to try it sooner rather than later!

FTC meet up @ L2E?

Ohmigod, I could totally almost maybe be there.