Made a reservation on OpenTable at Anatra for a nice night out. Got confirmations. But restaurant was closed with no explanation. Contacted Both and no explanation

I contacted both Anantra and Open Table afterwards.
Didn’t hear back from either other than an automatic email from OpenTable asking how it was. (Even though i had already told them the restaurant was closed when we showed up for our reservation.)
Thoughts on what to do?

You could use OpenTable’s contact form to report that the restaurant was closed. Or did you do that already? You could also review the place on OpenTable and say that it was closed.

i have reached out to the restaurant repeatedly. no answer. I have contacted open table thru their system and have not received a response other than that they will respond as quickly as possible. But obviously, they haven’t. i was posting on ftc to see if others have experienced the same problems with the restaurant or with open table. was that inappropriate to have done so?

Nothing wrong with posting about it.

If they closed unexpectedly and left their OT server running, it’ll keep taking reservations.

I looked at OT and two people reported showing up to find them closed. Different nights.