Made in L.A.?

What would you say . You can only get this ( food wise ) in LA . Nobody else comes close ?.

Mexican sushi?

Where do you like to go for Mexican Sushi? What type of fillings have you had?

The French Dip, Korean Tacos, Cobb Salad, BBQ chicken pizza and the cheese burger.

Father’s Office
Sqirl Cafe
Egg Slut
Stinking Rose?

First thing that popped in my head. :joy:

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Isn’t the SF branch the original?

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Black truffle gohan by Shunji?

For sure no one does a better age-dashi tomato.

Truffle abalone pasta by n/naka.

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Just kidding. Stinking Rose is a fixture of sorts on the LA board.

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I went to E Sushi last night in Whittier and I noticed a lot of jalapeño in their offerings. It seems like a SoCal/LA thing.

Reportedly Mexican sushi might have started in Culiacan, but it’s really taking off in LA.

Jalapeño on sashimi has gone global since Nobu Matsuhisa went global.

compton tacos

Hmmmm . . . I have (perhaps) a different take on the question, because the first thing that came to my mind, as an LA ex pat, was specific restaurants, not specific foods. In other words, I’m with @bulavinaka here . . .

Philippe’s and Pink’s came immediately to mind.

Hmm… makes me wonder about jalapeño on stuff like nachos and hot dogs… LA?

you can get a bad hotdog anywhere though

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Isn’t the Kogi BBQ truck LA-born?

What the Inland Empire places are doing goes way beyond throwing a little jalapeño in the sushi. There are Japanese-influenced versions of classic dishes you’d get at a mariscos place, Mexican versions of classic sushi dishes, and occasional strong notes of Korean cuisine, all made to please Mexican palates. It’s the most exciting new fusion cuisine I’ve encountered in years.

It would be interesting to see something like seaweed salad mixed with nopales. Not sure it would work but sounds kinda cool.