Made With Lau

This is one of my favorite home cooking shows on YouTube. Most of the dishes are Cantonese/HK. Easy to follow with both video and blog form. They are from the SF Bay Area.


They are awesome been watching his videos for a couple months after Apple daily got shut down by the communists it’s the best way for me to keep up with some Cantonese


I just started watching their videos, too! Easy to follow recipes that explain the how and why. Really enjoy the family dynamics when they all eat together, too. Mr. Lau reminds me of so many uncles.


Such an awesome YouTube channel.

Asking in case people know, are the subtitle characters simplified…? I’m not even sure if I’m using the correct terminology but when I was watching it with some folks there was a bit of debate since they seem to speak Cantonese and the characters weren’t necessarily consistent with that or something.

Again, I’m sure my understanding of any of this is a disaster, it just seemed like a minor oddity someone might shed some light on.

So just taking a look at the videos it’s written in traditional characters. I say this with the caveat that I am not super literate in chinese but I do recognize many of the differences between traditional and simplified chinese.

Taiwan and Hong Kong use traditional while mainlanders use simplified chinese. I’m sure it’s become highly politicized due to the the communist party and the relationships between China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Also keep in mind that the chef is speaking Cantonese so mandarin speakers might not be able to understand what the chef is saying. While sharing a common written language the syntax and vocabulary between Cantonese and mandarin is very different. I’ve heard it’s easier for a Cantonese speaker to understand written mandarin whereas the other way around is pretty unintelligible supposedly.

I would guess that the son translates and captions the videos and whether that translation is 100% verbatim to what is being said by the chef I have no idea.


Right, that’s what we were talking about! Or rather, it’s what was being talked about and I tried to understand. There were a couple folks with varying levels of Cantonese specific literacy and I thought they were saying the characters were simplified, which seemed strange. I probably misunderstood.


Throwing this out there.

職人吹水 is the leading HK cooking youtuber ran by a former chef. He goes into crazy details about prep and techniques.