Magic Castle

Is there some easy way around the member / guest of member thing? I looked at the web site after I saw it in the Ricky Jay movie Deceptive Practice and it wasn’t clear there was any way for someone who doesn’t know a member to go.

Not really a foodie destination, I take it?

food is terrible, magic is great.


Easiest way is to book a room at the hotel.

Is the member thing new? We went no problem. Maybe because we had dinner as well? I didn’t set it up, so not sure. Not really a foodie place. But, I dig old classics like Beef Wellington. The Cheesy Garlic Bread was a guilty delight. I think it had mayo on it! The whole evening was quite costly. But, it was fun getting dressed up. I’m glad we went once, but probably not again.

Food’s whatever. Nice to sneak in high end whiskey to supplement what you’re buying there. Yes you need an invitation unless you’re staying at the hotel. Which is what keeps the place interesting and not constantly mobbed by dickholes.

Magic Castle Rules:
The Magic Castle is the exclusive private clubhouse for members of The Academy of Magical Arts.
You must be a member or have a guest card from a member to gain admittance.
Valid Photo ID required.
We adhere to a strict dress code.
Guests are required to dine with us.
NO ONE UNDER 21 will be admitted to the clubhouse except for Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Oh okay. I guess we went with someone who knew someone. I just don’t remember. But it was a fun night.

Maybe one of your readers is a member and can help you get in. Especially love the close up magic room, It is fun exploring and you sometimes run into magicians showing off in one of the rooms downstairs unofficially. Cocktails are good, food is like 60’s hotel food but wine list isn’t bad. And last but not least the architecture and history are really nice.

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you don’t technically need a member…if you’re friends with the doorguy. Good way to avoid the dinner requirement too.

I’ve heard money is a good way to quickly make single serving friends.


Check with your Amex concierge.

I’ve not done it, but I know that it’s been done before. And done with success.

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Easiest way is to to go a magic store, buy a trick or two and ask the guy at the register if they have guest passes. They typically will. You’ll have to suffer through dinner there, but it’s worth it.

Ok, because I was on the phone with her anyway, I just asked my concierge about this.

I’m told that one way to get into the MC without membership, or a hotel stay, is simply to buy a souvenir photo that they take of you at the gift shop, which entitles you to return with 6 of your best buddies.

Dunno how much the photo is, but I’d imagine it’s cheaper than a night at the adjacent hotel.


Okay that’s it! Yes… My friend did that and 5 of us went back with him. It was really bugging me, not being able to remember how we did it. And yes, we had to sit thru dinner.

$20 for the photo.

It also entitles you to pay $13 to valet your car, $30 to get in the door, and $50+ to sit through an uninspired insipid dinner. The first magic trick you’ll see is them making your money disappear.


@PorkyBelly - Yes it was quite expensive and not completely worth it. But, it was fun for everybody to get dressed up and go to a special event as a group. It doesn’t happen often.

We had a great time through it.

Be with fun people, eat the average chicken, take uber, get shitfucked and watch magic. One of the dudes completely destroyed us in the up close sessions downstairs. Took my watch off which has two locks on it somehow. cunt

What people said about just straight up asking the magicians listed on the site must be an easy way.


Is… this your card?


you said shitfucked

Bump. I like the cut of your jib.

The place is an absolute blast.