Maharlika (Filipino)- East Village

Ughhhhh hard pass; awful.

Anyone have recs for good sisig?

Have you tried Mama Fina’s? I haven’t had the sisig, but had dasilog for breakfast a few weeks ago and liked it a lot.


Aw I liked Maharlika when I went. Have you tried Pig & Khao? Sisig is good but my favorite dish there is actually the brussels sprouts and pork jowl.

@small_h I was trying to decide between Mama Fina and Maharlika, ended up with the latter. Will check out Mama Fina.

@jntcho have not been to Pig & Khao, I was a little skeptical given their mixed SEA menu, will give them a shot.
Maharlika’s was terrible, one of the rare few times I threw out the leftovers. The oxtail kare-kare were the thinnest pieces I’ve every encountered and dried out, must have been laying around forever. The sisig did not remotely taste or look like sisig :persevere:

Yeah. Maharlika is literally around the corner from me, and I never eat there. I tried it once or twice and found their food insipid, though I didn’t have the misfortune of experiencing low-quality ingredients. They may be trying to cut corners because of high expenses, given how quickly so many restaurants go out of business in this neighborhood when greedy landlords quadruple their rents, though that’s no excuse for bad food.

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good description for what I ordered