Mail Order Meals

I know, I know. We need to be supporting our local restaurants, and we are in my house. No chain deliveries or takeout when avoidable. But what about locally owned regional specialties that ship? I’m looking at you, pizza (New York, Chicago, Detroit… whatever), BBQ, or anything else that might ship well for reheating at home.

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This has been on my list for a long time but never got around to ordering

Goldbelly has a lot of good options but its not cheap


I’ve used Goldbelly in New York for an elderly shut in relative who has a very limited diet. It cost a lot to ship even though it was only coming from across town in New York, but it was a godsend to be able to get my relative something that she likes and which was within the confines of her very limited diet.

Meanwhile, I just made myself some salmon that arrived in a few days from these people Easier and quicker than using Instacart where you can’t even get a delivery date. The salmon, which I pan-fried in olive oil (I actually prefer avocado oil for pan-frying fish, but I smelled the old avocado oil that I found at the back of my pantry closet and it was definitely rancid) was delicious. For better or worse, as a shut-in, I am now eating 1000% better than normal where I was never home to cook a decent meal and thus alternated between the occasional expensive restaurant meal and the, more often, cheap delivery or a protein bar for dinner when desperate. In my “normal” life, I was most definitely not routinely chowing down on exquisite wild salmon. Maybe a lesson to be learned because it wasn’t actually that hard to make and if life ever goes back to normal it wouldn’t actually be that hard to whip up when I got home from work, or even to make in the morning, and take to the office for lunch in lieu of the junk meals available near my workplace.


My friend just received this birthday box from Katz’s. She said it was great. But don’t get me started on the bread.


Katz’s Schmatz’s.

Not a meal, but I’ve never seen Grandma Utz’s lard-fried potato chips in a store.


I’ve not eaten at the others (or gotten it shipped but our Katz’s was to lay down and die for.


Bludso’s is on Goldbelly. Incredulously, for some items it is cheaper to buy from Goldbelly than any sort of delivery service.

I just pulled the trigger on 4 pounds of rib tips, 12 hot links, 2 jars of sauce for $228 all in.

Menu pricing on all that is $224 with tax.