Maison Kayser May Permanently Shut All 16 NYC Locations

Bummer if they intend to shutter all locations. I find the quality of their products to be well above average for the city and this will be a huge loss IMO. Loss of weekday office traffic taking its toll :sleepy:

Nooooo :frowning: I love kayser… their bread is really good and I used to snack on their rolls and pastries all the time.

Yeah me too… BC era regular stopover.

At least one former Kayser space on the Upper East Side has been replaced by Breads Bakery…picked up some babka and hamantaschen recently.

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Total fiasco. Opened in DC around the corner from my office. Got a bad review from Tom Sietsema in the WaPo. Closed about a year later. Total shame, their baguettes and pastries were awesome.

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The Kayser shops and restaurants in Manhattan always appeared busy. Do not know why they went down…?

Great news for MK fans! Bread Story on 1st Ave at 15th (Stuy Town side of 1st) is run by an MK alum. You will recognize many of the wares by appearance and taste.


Nice to hear. Pre-COVID, I would hit MK all the time on business trips. Shame to see them all go.

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