Maison Kayser to open in Brooklyn Hts

Was walking by the Municipal Building storefronts. Have not gone into any of them as I’m not a big user of makeup, candy, discounts from Nieman Marcus or Soul Cycle (someone with more imagination than me could probably string all those stores into an interesting story line) and I noticed a sign up for Maison Kayser going into one of the spaces. Checked on line and it said opening soon. Would be nice to have some better bread options in the area since all the Italian bakeries have gone. Have not tried any of their stores in NYC. Is the bread any good?

Not sure about Maison K, but I really can’t agree that all the Italian bakeries are gone from the area. We still love Mazzola’s on Henry & Union &, although Caputo’s on Court isn’t my favorite bread, it’s still there.