Majordomo - Saturday 1/12 at 7pm for 4 people

Our friends cancelled on us today and for the life of us we cannot find anybody else to go.
First one to email me can have the reservation.

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The reservation has been spoken for.

wow that’s some prime time ressies right there

Very painful to give up this reservation.
I think I need new friends.


If I had seen this earlier in the day, I would have suggested a small format FTC meet up.

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i got the res :slight_smile:
what should i get pls respond
second time going

Definitely the APL whole plate short rib, the duck looks really good.
Gotta get a Kakigori

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I’d get a couple of bings - ham and butter.
The stuffed peppers
If you like sake try the Dewazakura Jewel Brocade. Fantastic

Call tonight and pre-order the whole plate short ribs.

For appetizers tomorrow get the butter, honey and truffle, benton’s ham, and spicy lamb bings. Fried butterball potatoes or the oxtail, stuffed peppers, fried cauliflower, bs fries, crispy pork belly, roasted duck crispy rice and passion fruit kakigori.


Kanpachi and bounty bowl.

I had the APL short ribs last time and didn’t love it for the price TBH.

I’m leaning towards maybe the duck crispy rice and maybe the whole boiled chicken. Does anyone have any insight on the chicken?

Actually I didn’t really love my last meal there so i’m giving it another chance…last time i got APL short ribs, truffle mac cheese, bunch of the bings, and some of the hot apps like the potatoes.

Looking more towards the mains than anything else.

Hi @skramzlife,

The chicken is one of the worst items on the menu. Unless you want to pay for $110 mediocre Hainan Chicken Rice.

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@Chowseeker1999 What do you suggest outside of the APL ribs for main items?

I was disappointed on my last meal here, especially for the price but willing to try again.

Hi @skramzlife,

Yeah there are definitely some hit or miss dishes there. For mains, the Crispy Pork Belly, I was going to recommend the Salmon Donabe, but they took it off the menu.

@skramzlife I feel Majordomo is hit or miss, but the Benton ham if they have it is good — it’s a special reserve customized for D Chang and not available to the public. Pork shoulder is massive like a football — sometimes they put the bing flatbread underneath to soak all the juices. Me and my guests didn’t figure that out until boxing for leftovers. The APL rib was definitely a hit with my beef loving friends.

Not a fan of the cod in papillote, I’d rather go for an OG version like at Jun Won in k-town.

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Fwiw, I went on Tuesday and my entire party was disappointed with the duck rice. The duck and rice were perfectly cooked but the whole dish tasted under salted and just didn’t sing.
Highlights for us were the butterball potatoes, stuffed peppers, pork neck and pineapple bing, bs fries and beef fat rice that came with the short ribs.

I personally really enjoyed the banana miso chocolate mousse for dessert

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So is anything actually good at majordomo I’m so confused… or am I just flushing cash again like last time to look cool on Instagram? :sweat_smile:

Thanks again @js76wisco I’m stoked just joshing around :wink:

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Based on the chatter of board they had convinced me to go to majordomo but based on this thread I’m hesitant again… good luck!!!

Oxtail potato dish is killer.
Bing with roe
The salmon and scallop rice dish (prob not on menu anymore)

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Does Majordomo even Toto?