Making whole-wheat sourdough bread like Zabar's and Fairway in NYC

I’m taking an incredibly blind shot in the dark here, but there may be other New Yorkers here who know about Eli’s Health Loaf or the whole grain bread made at Fairway every day.

I would love to get some sense of what those breads were, what they were made of and how I might make them now, no longer living in Manhattan. As I said, crazy shot in the dark. Maybe I’ll hit gold and someone who worked at either will have a recipe saved somewhere. :laughing:

Zabar’s ingredients are reportedly “stone ground whole wheat flour, water, natural sour, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, honey, yeast and salt.”

You might try this recipe as a starting point:

Thank you!
What makes you think of this recipe? Do you know the Zabar’s bread?

From the photos and ingredients it’s a familiar type.

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